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Slots Tournament

Our tournament starts every Wednesday at 5:00 a.m. GMT and ends on Saturday at 5:00 a.m. GMT. Join our exciting and profitable Slots Tournament, the first and only tournament that shows the leading positions in a table in real time.


You just need to claim the First 404% tourney bonus and you are in; then you can enjoy the following bonuses of 101%, 202% and 303%, one after another. Bonuses need to be claimed in the correct order.

Whoever achieves a higher value in the total bets during this period of time, wins the tournament.

For example, you deposit €100 and play for hours, so whatever you gambled during that time, will be counted for the tournament. The higher the total amount wagered is, the higher is your position in the table.


The winner of the tournament gets €1,000.

2nd - €750
3rd - €500
4th - €400
5th - €300
6th - €250
7th - €200
8th - €150
9th - €100
10th - €50

And if you are not among the top ten, no problem! We are raffling €5,000 in cash among all the contestants.

In order to find out your current position in the slots tournament, please check your position below.

1. Tumi B. New Zealand 27515.20
2. Mélanie L. France 12694.06
3. Diana G. Germany 9327.61
4. Nadine C. France 6894.00
5. Ben d. Netherlands 6272.80
6. leza e. Australia 2805.55
7. sandra m. Germany 1215.10
8. Carolyn C. Australia 1058.12
9. martijn b. Netherlands 1044.80
10. David Tamar G. Spain 893.10
11. MARCOS G. Spain 802.45
12. valter a. Italy 781.00
13. jose joaquin v. Spain 683.92
14. gisele c. France 645.00
15. belinda n. Australia 509.75
16. Luis Enrique L. Spain 502.00
17. Marie P. France 473.95
18. emmanuel g. France 366.00
19. Benjamin W. Germany 322.15
20. liliane l. Belgium 314.62
21. Raphael H. Germany 247.50